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Marriage is God’s perfect sacrament, the ultimate expression of relational intimacy and it mirrors the love relationship that Christ, the Head of the Church has with his followers. Since Oasis Church is a Bible-based and family oriented church, we therefore place a high value on Couples Network gatherings and engagements. This ministry encompasses engagements that include romantic activities to enrich couples into achieving growing, thriving and, healthy relationship with God and one another. Married and engaged couples are ministered and empowered through life-changing classes, counselling, encounter workshops, seminars, panel discussions, social outings and much more.  The ministry is geared towards building and maintaining strong healthy marriages in a generation, where we are called to be a light to the world demonstrating the evidence of healthy and strong marriages.

men of honour

Equipping our men to be people, who make a difference through meaningful engagement, honest opinion, and sincere worship of God our father and creator. Men are biblically mandated to be protectors of women and children on this earth as well as nurture tomorrow’s generation, by being each other’s brother’s keeper, mentoring each other through sharing experiences. All males above the age of 13 are welcome to join this growing group of dynamic men who love God, committed to making a change and improving their families and community and also those that are constantly seeking to improve every sphere of their lives.


Led by our First Lady, Pastor Lulu Mthethwa, NLN aims to win and strengthen woman for Christ. NLN
is design for all types of women from different walks of life that are Single, Married, Divorced and Widowed. Our network deals with all types of women issues holistically and thoroughly .We ensure that our ladies develop and grow physically, emotionally and spiritually. Our network is open to women from the ages of 13 and above. We meet three times a year to discuss through workshops on issues that affect them personally catering and designing topics for all women.


The Kingdom Agents are all about energy, passion and fun. We want our young people to be established as creative ambassadors of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ. The youth ministry and network is meant to bring the spirit of worship out of our young people. Young people are Kingdom Agents, who stand firmly about our Father in Heaven’s business on this earth. As Kingdom Agents, “Kingdom Business” is our priority and our way of life. We aim to inspire other young people in making God a priority and an everyday pillar for their everyday life. We are dedicated to raising spiritually uncompromising, radical, relevant and modern disciples who must serve God fearlessly.If you are between 13 and 35, join us on the last Friday of every month for jam-packed fun-filled activities addressing relevant topics.


Oasis Church celebrates and aims to instil the Word of God to the younger generation; we believe it is never too early to plant the seed of the fruits of the spirit Jesus Christ left for us on earth to endure. The younger generation is bedrock of the Church and therefore it is critically important to lay a foundation that is based on the supreme Word of God and legacy of faith.

The KidZone is a group of energetic children from the ages of 3 to 13 participating in exciting ways of learning about Jesus Christ. The weekly learning is based on the Word of God (the Bible) and therefore, we are eager for our children to be passionate and continually seeking Christ.


Our Creative Arts ministry is filled with passionate, talented, adventurous believers, who aim to live according to the precepts and principles of God’s Word in order to fulfil His purposes in their lives. This ministry is at the centre of reaching others in the form of worship, creative presentation of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is not boring and this is testament to the fact that we have a crop of creative musicians, artists and dancers that are sensitive to the leading of the Holy
Spirit to present the Gospel in a compelling and persuasive manner.

The story of the Gospel of Jesus Christ is the most compelling story to tell even this day and we will always seek ways to interpret, describe and narrate the mysterious gift of salvation. This ministry is one to join if you love music and seeking to grow your talent in line with
God’s purpose for your life. Without a doubt this ministry mixes fund, excitement and dedication and at the same time offers an opportunity for growth as a child of God.

‘You are the Light of the World. A city on a hill cannot be hidden’ Matthew 5:14

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Oasis of open arms is a registered non-profit organisation that operates under the auspices of Oasis
Church. Its programs include community skills development, home based care, HIV/ Aids counselling and a community feeding scheme.